Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strap yourself in....

EDCENTRE.CA  LIVE is coming to a computer near YOU!

We will be gathering in the edcentre.ca LIVE room (February 12 at NOON) to have some fun, celebrate the beginning of the next semester and some amazing accomplishments.

There will be food at the LIVE school sites, student talent from at least two locations, a Tae Kwan Do Demonstration by a 5th degree Black Belt, Canadian National Gold Medal winner, door prizes for participants, AND a draw for a Samsung Tablet. If you have completed an online class since September 2013, you could WIN.   

Click on the EDCENTRE.CA LIVE link, Noon, February 12 (enter as a guest)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Steven Segal can predict the future!!

Mitch Morin brought to my attention a speech by Steven Segal at the end of one of his movies. In his Science 10 course, Mitch has been studying Sustainability of Ecosystems and discovered Segal's speech from 1994!! That's 20 years ago!! Can Steven Segal predict the future? Watch and decide.