Monday, March 31, 2008

Winter Losing Grip

Spring is just around the corner.
The rivers will soon open and we will be outside soaking up Mr. Sun. We are all back in the office ready for the final push to mid-June.
Got any suggestions for avoiding the crunch?
Post a comment!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Break

This is the last day of school before the Easter Break for learners who are enrolled in high schools throughout the north. For folks who are working on their courses from home this likely won't make much difference. It will probably turn out to be another week in the life of the online learning community.

For some, the break could turn out to be a great opportunity to get caught up. Sometimes those objectives we set earlier get shifted around due to other committments. Having some extra time may help to get things done.

Teachers will still be checking assignment and activity responses over the next week. If you are sending faxes, just send an email message to let us know.

Here are some Easter questions and answers:

Q. What do Easter Bunny helpers get for making a basket?
A. Two points, just like anyone else.

Q. What's invisible and smells like carrots?
A. The Ether Bunny

Q. Why did the Easter Bunny hide his eggs?
A. He doesn't want the other bunnies to know that he was fooling around with the chickens.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun in the sun

The weather today is awesome!
It can only get warmer..........
Time to get those assignments coming in.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stormy Weather

Now is the time of year that we start getting that inbetween winter/spring weather. Like the other day - warm weather, rain, cools, rain turns to snow - roads turn to slush and ice. The power was out - apparently from heavy ice on the lines.

So that gets me thinking about how prepared we are for survival. We are very used to having great service provided by Sask Power and Sask Highways. In fact we expect to have these services and many get upset if things aren't made right asap. But what if these services couldn't get fixed, for say, a couple of weeks or a month - could you survive?? (Ice Storm)

Yesterday when the power was off I thought about how unprepared we actually are if something major ever occurred. I have a few things, like a small propane stove, a cole oil lamp, candles but the reality is we are very dependent electricity for almost everything. Think about it - stores are closed so maybe no food, no power no heat, no gas, no phones (except cel), no tv. This site might help you think about these things - Emergency Preparedness and Response

Put down your comments one some of the things we should do now in order to survive should something serious happen. Every community has an emergency preparedness plan - do you know what to do, where to go, in your community? Share your survival tips.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In the dark!

Did you try to call the office today?

We weren't there!

La Ronge and area had a power outage from 6:30 am until 3:15 pm. SaskPower tells us that all is well now. So we expect to hear from you Tomorrrow!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kona Visits Creighton

Live, in person!


Many people we speak to are often confused about who is responsible for the online school.
We are very fortunate to be able to combine resources through a partnership bewteen Northlands College and Northern Lights School Division. If you are 18 or older when you enroll in courses at the online school you are actually enrolled through both organizations. It's like having dual citizenship. One of the interesting aspects of the partnership is that learners are able to access teachers working for both NLSD and Northlands college. In cases where certain courses are not available through the edcentre, we will contact other school divisions to access courses that will meet individual needs.
Being able to share and work with more than one organization greatly enhances what can be offered to learners.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Aboriginal Youth Lyric Writing Contest

Check it out!!

You could be the next rap idol...

Spring Distractions

How do YOU deal with spring distractions?

How do you stay on track with spring fever in the air?
There are so many distractions in our lives it is often difficult to focus on longer term goals. When there are no bells ringing and structures in place that ensure that you are moving ahead with your studies, it is easy to procrastinate. It is easy to put off working on course activities until later. Unfortunately, when "later" comes along there are other distractions. Self discipline is a part of success in almost everything you do. Sometimes you have to be absolutely ruthless with yourself to get things done. Working hard to earn the rewards you give yourself can be part of a strategy for moving ahead.

We want to hear what you do to avoid spring distractions.
Send us your comments!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Math Riddle

If it takes three men three days to dig three holes, how long does it take one man to dig half a hole?

Post your answer as a comment........

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Server problems

Last week we hade some server problems on Wednesday morning. We hope that this didn't cause too many problems for learners trying to access the classroom area. Our main school web site has been moved to a more stable server. This should eliminate problems with accessing the login link.
Something to remember is that you can always get to your class login page if you type: in your browser window.

We have uploaded some new templates for the school web site and you should see some changes on the main school page within the next few weeks.
When this happens, we will make sure the log in link for your classroom is easy to find.

We are open to suggestions for what we should include on the main school web page. Let us know what you think should be there.