Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stormy Weather

Now is the time of year that we start getting that inbetween winter/spring weather. Like the other day - warm weather, rain, cools, rain turns to snow - roads turn to slush and ice. The power was out - apparently from heavy ice on the lines.

So that gets me thinking about how prepared we are for survival. We are very used to having great service provided by Sask Power and Sask Highways. In fact we expect to have these services and many get upset if things aren't made right asap. But what if these services couldn't get fixed, for say, a couple of weeks or a month - could you survive?? (Ice Storm)

Yesterday when the power was off I thought about how unprepared we actually are if something major ever occurred. I have a few things, like a small propane stove, a cole oil lamp, candles but the reality is we are very dependent electricity for almost everything. Think about it - stores are closed so maybe no food, no power no heat, no gas, no phones (except cel), no tv. This site might help you think about these things - Emergency Preparedness and Response

Put down your comments one some of the things we should do now in order to survive should something serious happen. Every community has an emergency preparedness plan - do you know what to do, where to go, in your community? Share your survival tips.

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