Monday, October 25, 2010

Times are a Changin'

In case you haven't heard, math in Saskatchewan is currently being revamped and renovated. In our province we are moving toward a two streamed approach; Trades Math and Foundations Math. Just like the name implies, the Trades Math deals with math concepts that are applied in the trades employment fields and day to day consumer math. Foundations Math is the precursor to Calculus and is more of an abstract course.

I have the unique opportunity to develop courses that have never been taught before. I am like the Mike Holmes of math development and like his motto "Makin' It Right" implies, I too am wanting to make it right. Therefore, I extend my hand out to you. If you are experienced in a trade or other math related profession and would like to lend your expertise or suggestions, I would very much appreciate it; or maybe you know of a person currently working in the field and can pass on the invitation. Any feedback would greatly enhance the course for the students who are currently enrolled or who plan to enroll in the future.

Thanks in advance.

Jason Murfin

13 Stunning Photos From 10-Year Sea Census

13 Stunning Photos From 10-Year Sea Census

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Archived live event

Change is inevitable......
We all are part of the magic of changes in the world and in our own lives.
If you would like to view the session here is the link
Be sure to have your sound turned on.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dr. Anthony Muhammad

Northern Lights School Division staff was treated to a follow up day from Dr. Anthony Muhammad. The theme of Professional Learning Communities was continued from last years Convention. If you have the opportunity to hear Dr. Muhammad speak, it will be well worth your time. You can also read one of his published articles online.

edcentre staff visit Batoche

Jason and Kelly took at trip to Batoche during the Northern Lights School Division Convention on October 12th. The church and rectory have been well maintained and our guide Rose Marie educated us with stories from the late 1800's. It has been 125 years since the Battle of Batoche.
Batoche displays the remains of the village of Batoche on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. It was the last battlefield in the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. Louis Riel selected Batoche as the headquarters of his "Provisional Government of Saskatchewan". Several buildings have been restored within the site. The site depicts the lifestyles of the M├ętis of Batoche between 1860 and 1900 - the trails they walked, their homes, their church, and the Battle of Batoche, May 9-12, 1885. (from Parks Canada's website)

Mars on Earth: Eco disaster in Hungary after red aluminum toxic sludge

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stefano Mancuso: The roots of plant intelligence

Plants behave in some oddly intelligent ways: fighting predators, maximizing food opportunities ... But can we think of them as actually having a form of intelligence of their own? Italian botanist Stefano Mancuso presents intriguing evidence.