Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wayback Machine

Have you ever heard of the WayBack Machine? It is a site that archives Internet websites on a continuous basis. You can look up a website and see how it looked as far back as 1996. So - what does this mean for you? It means you always need to be sure of what you write online as it may come back to haunt you later!!

Try the WayBack Machine to see how different sites have changed over the years.


Ted Green said...

Thanks for posting this Debbie! This is a really useful tool for finding out what the history of a site/organization has been. I have to admit I was unaware that old sites would be archived somewhere other than your own server. Makes complete sense......Is there a way we can combine this tool with domain name ownership to establish credibility of sites? Should we put together some information and links that help learners become more critical of sources on the Internet?

Ted Green said...

Alan November's web site is a good place to start looking for inspiration and information about establishing ownership and credibility of information.