Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This afternoon the Prime Minister is offering an aplogy to former students of residential schools. The aplogy will likely be found on many sites. Although this webcast is now live, the following link should take you to an archived link.
What this will mean to First Nations people across Canada will only be apparent in the time that follows this apology.

The formal recognition of an assimilation policy carried out by the Canadian government that caused incredible hardship and loss of cultural identity for First Nations people is a now a reality. The road to understanding and acceptance is still before us all.

Thanks to Gary Mirasty for carrying the motion to apologize into the House of Commons.

Truth, reconcilliation and a better future can only be found through sincere acceptance of responsibility.

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martina said...

I watched the "Apology" on CBC. I thought it was good of the government to at least make an effort in acknowledging the fact that these young children were robbed of their childhood. I understand that just because they did apologized it doesn’t make it ok, but at least they are taking the blame. I thought St├ęphane Dions speech was the best. I also thought Steven Harpers speech was much to short.

Martina Carriere