Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vote - October 14th

Are you going to vote? Voting is a privilege we have as Canadians that many people around the world do not have. How can you decide who to vote for? The best way is to spend some time learning about what the issues are and what each candidate's opinions are on that issue. In this election it seems as if the main issues are: environment, troops in Afghanistan, health, economy and crime. In addition to the links given in this post, check out blogs and other things to find out what is going on - it can be pretty interesting once you get involved.

Both the following sites have up-to-date news on the Canada Election 2008. Watch videos, read news and keep yourself informed
CBC - Canada Votes
CTV - Election 2008 There is an interesting game of choice on this site that you can work through to find which party is closest to your views. Play the game - Click

Party Websites: All the parties have information about their parties platform (that is what they propose to do if they are elected as a government) Remember, when you are reading from any of these sites the view is of that party only. Use your thinking skills to evaluate what is being said.
The following parties have candidates in our riding - Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River
Liberal - David Orchard (Bio)
Conservative - Rob Clarke (Bio)
Green Party - George Morin (Bio)
New Democrats - Brian Morin (Bio)
First Peoples National Party of Canada - Rob Ballantyne .(Blog)

Political Party Leaders - info on main leaders of parties

Elections Canada website provides information on voting etc.

Your vote is important no matter who you vote for.
Have your say --
Vote on October 14th, 2008


Rob Ballantyne said...

Tansi, my name is Rob Ballantyne, the official for FIRST PEOPLES NATIONAL PARTY OF CANADA, not Aboriginal Party of Canada. Our official website is www.fpnpoc.ca with my personal blogsite http://roballantyne.blogspot.com Ekosi? Go out and vote. Moystas

Rob Ballantyne, Candidate
First Peoples National Party

Debbie said...

Thank you for sending me this information. I have changed it on the blog - so I quess we have more Harper. Hopefully, they will do better for Aboriginal People than they have in the last term.