Friday, November 20, 2009

Tomatosphere Project

Want to be a part of space experiment - the Tomatoshpere might be something you would like to check out.
Students plant tomato seeds in different conditions and then report their results. You can register now to be a part of this cool project for 2010.

Tomatoshpere Project Website

Now this is interesting: Seeds for 2010 project are on board with Julie Payette from KSC in Florida, to the International Space Station. They will be brought back to Earth from the International Space Station later in 2009.

Tomatosphere has teacher and student resources for.

* Grades 3-4: How to Feed a Martian - a unit with a nutrition focus for astronauts' trips to the Red Planet
* Grade 6: Surviving on the Red Planet - Recycling breathable air
* Grades 7-8: The Martian environment - a weather station on Mars
* Grades 9-10: The Energy to Survive - nutritional requirements for long duration missions

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Ted Green said...

Google forms would be a cool tool for sharing the tomato growth results with other classes. I'll bet they have the results data thing all sorted out on the site.