Monday, December 14, 2009

Connecting with change

Someone told me about TweetDeck a few months back and I filed it somewhere in the recess of my gray matter knowing that it would resurface when I needed it. What I remembered was that this was another way to leverage the "groupthink" of twitter for for my own purposes. We all have different reasons and applications for tools. My purpose in this was an effective a way to connect to professional learning network talk. This morning I selected a post from Alec Curous to one of his students. ( ) It turned out to be an interesting glimpse of change. This is an e-portfolio of an undergraduate student at the University of Regina specializing in K-5 education. This person is an avid gamer with a learning philosophy that defines the teacher as "the most experienced student in the classroom".
I occasionally take the time to connect because I know that if I don't, I am .....disconnected and likely out of touch with the the daily changing digital world. I think that TweetDeck offers another way to quickly monitor the talk. The other side of this is being a part of change and being able to participate in the conversations.
The way we choose to use the tools around us defines our capabilities. If we expand our abilities to use new tools then we have one more way to interact with the world. Learning to use tools in a creative or innovative way is no different than a trapper in a remote area leveraging the materials at hand to get something done. Often circumstances suggest a new way to do something.

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