Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yes, I am the biggest LOSER! However that means I won the $200 cash prize for losing the biggest percentage of body fat. I owe it all to quitting three bad habits. I managed to knock down two out of three bad habits over the past 51 days. These bad habits lowered my initiative and drive to eat healthy and be active. I can definitely see the results and the one bad habit I partially resumed is going to be avoided again because I find that it is not "paying off." Also logically I can see the solid results of dropping these bad habits and this makes it easier to not start them again. Now I am going to work on developing three good habits. I don't know why but I feel hopeful that all good things come in 3's so we will see what happens. I will be looking at the idea of CHANGE in our online assembly and see how humans can effectively change their habits and thinking to make positive changes in their lives....stay tuned.

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