Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am very grateful for nature's beauty.  Yesterday I witnessed a 10% rainbow that was magnificent.  I wondered what people in the past might have thought they were perhaps a vision, spirit, or sign.  I know that I think of it today as a sign that I am very blessed.  I also saw a two year old bear that just woke up, a coyote that isn't scared of vehicles, and a silver fox.  It is such a treat to see these animals out in the free environment.  Even the two deer that I saw on the side of the highway were fascinating (although I was scared that they would jump out on the road).  It is a treat to be living in a Provincial park.

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Ed Centre said...

Agree, we often don't really take the time to appreciate what we have - and how quickly it could be gone when the environment isn't our #1 concern. I wonder if the people in Florida ever thought their white beaches would be ruined by an oil spill or if the aboriginal people in Fort Chip thought they would be faced with polluted waters from Ft. Mac. Anyway, we live in a beautiful country.