Thursday, June 2, 2011

Old stuff can be good stuff

It's funny how we pass by the same thing time and time again until one day we discover a need for the very thing we have been passing by. This blog is over three years old now and contains contributions from a variety of people within the learning community.

When we started the blog we were looking for ways to encourage more interaction and thought we might get lots of comments or offers to post from students. Although we do get the odd comment, it is more often from a teacher with the ability to add posts. Now we are thinking that linking to the school Facebook page is a better way to reach more students from the edcentre.

With the large number of posts generated over the years, some of the cool things have disappeared into the archives. It's easy to get lost exploring old posts, but the search engine finds all manner of things in short order. On this blog there are two search boxes. Although the site template may change in the future, these little search boxes can always be found somewhere on the page. (With the current version of the blog, the search box is in the top left corner.)
Another search box may be found with this template version on the lower right of the page.
In either case, if you type a single key word, phrase or a name you may be surprised at the number of posts that appear.
As a simple experiment, try typing "learning" or "celebration" or the name of one of the teachers. Maybe you are looking for an old assembly recording or a Live talk event. Just type the words in the box. Good things will happen. -It's that easy!

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