Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How I motivate myself to finish things

Hi edcentrites,
I want to help you kick start the new year and finish your online courses. One little thing that I do is recognize what motivates me. I enjoy doing carpentry and improving my home. I like "seeing" the changes, improvements and the "before and after." Now how I get that to work when I am "building" my online classrooms is I have a print out of all the modules that I need to develop. Each time I finish a section I color it in. I keep that on my desk in front of me at all times to keep me focused and moving. I often tell myself, "Today I am going to get two sections done before I go home." I make it my number one priority. You can do the same thing with your online courses. Just click on "My Grades" and print it out. Then simply highlight as you complete each one. Keep it by your work area as a motivator. Don't forget to give yourself little deadlines and rewards.

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