Thursday, March 1, 2012

A View of the Hydrology Cycle from Buffalo Narrows

Spencer is currently exploring the hydrology cycle in Science 10 and submitted a picture of his home town of Buffalo Narrows along with a description of the cycle at work.

"I chose this picture of Northern Saskatchewan because it is an astonishing picture taken just outside of Buffalo Narrows, of a lakeside sunset, but it also consists of the lake, the trees, the clouds, and the beauty of nature and the setting sun. If you take an even closer look at this picture you will see the forest, the water, the sun heating that water, and the hydrology cycle taking place right in front of your eyes, creating clouds."

He was also asked what he can do as a member of his community to help ensure they have a clean water supply:

"A basic example of doing my part, is not littering. As I am currently residing in a town surrounded by bodies of water, I put an effort into not throwing garbage on the ground. Obviously not everyone in my community follows this practice, which results in waste finding its way into the water. A more complex example could consist of forming a committee of other concerned residents. With this committee we could monitor natural water preservation and educate others about the dangers of water pollution and unnecessary use of water within our community. The committee could raise money for an upgraded water treatment centre for our community."

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