Thursday, December 11, 2008

Engish A30 poem by Ronald Linklater

I’m a Saskatchewanian

I’m a trapper
I’m a commercial fisherman
I’m a hunter
I’m a bed to rest after a hard days work
I’m a northern Pike
I’m a boat ride across the lake
I’m a farmer
I’m a daughter’s homemade bread
I’m a moose
I’m a trout
I’m a double at Jan Lake Bar
And I’m a bridge across the Saskatchewan.
I’m a bird
I’m a butterfly
I’m the wind under a cool Northern sky
I’m an ice sculpture
I’m a dog musher
I’m a square dancer
I’m the Prince Albert Winter Festival
I’m Tommy Douglas
I’m Poundmaker
I’m from the Northeast
I’m from the Southwest
I am Dene
I am Cree
I am First Nation
But most of all
I am a Saskatchewanian and proud to be one.

By Ronald Linklater

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