Monday, March 30, 2009

Learn Something New Every Day

I spent some blurred time last week looking at a new tool called Prezi. I learned about it at the iTsummit conference last week in Saskatoon. David Warlick presented a keynote address followed by 2 engaging presentations on gaming and redefining literacy in the 21st century. His opening words were about a commitment to learning something new every day. The presentation tool he used was fluid and dynamic. It allowed him to zoom in to text, an image, a topic title, and to move back and forth on a single idea web all on one page (non-linear format). This is my next quick Prezi and learn it. I want to put together a presentation about online learning that can sit on our main school server.
In my quest for information I came across a blog with a list of 100 top tools for learners and teachers. I recognized most of the tools. Some of them I would like to find the time to re-visit. For now, I am stuck on making something with Prezi.

-Cheers, Ted

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