Monday, April 20, 2009

Award Winner

Martina Carriere has created a short film about her daily life out at the trapline and entered it in the CHG Tripod Production's Short Video Festival. She just got news on Saturday that her film was selected for the most impressive short film award. The film offers the viewer insights into a life many dream of and romanticize. The realities of getting water, keeping the fire, life with the dogs, snowshoeing and yes, doing school work are captured in a collage of personalized vignettes. Martina is an online student who travels back and forth from her home in the bush to Cumberland House, Saskatoon, Regina, The Pas, and other far flung locations to send and recieve feedback on school assignments. Martina is a powerhouse of ideas, enthusiasm and energy. Congratulations on your latest achievement Martina.

1 comment:

Ed Centre said...

I think that was an awesome video, I had goose bumps...she did a good, no great job!!!