Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring is HERE


Anonymous said...

I tried to follow up on this clip to get some context for this post to the blog. This is what I found:

Photographing in a pristine environment
Name: Rod
I enjoy photography and often carry my camera while trekking urban or back country trails. The many things I see continues to hold my attention. Good Company Is Always Welcome.
City: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Hometown: Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Country: Canada

I found an image taken by the same person that posted the YouTube Video.....(link: could it be the same bear? Perhaps one was shot with a camera and one with a rifle.

Rod said...

Good day Blogger...

The video was taken while hiking in Prince Albert National Park... The photo/jpeg is of a Black Bear which I took while archery hunting a good number of years ago... The Prince Albert National Park is a no hunting zone... I no longer hunt and now digitally tag wildlife.. is my new outdoor video site...