Friday, June 12, 2009

Mrs. Cassidy's Blog

I watched part of a presentation in Texas this morning by 2 guys from Canada. They were talking about teachers engaging learners in real things using the Internet. One of them decided that they would check to see whether Mrs. Cassidy was in her classroom in Moose Jaw. Sure enough they spoke with her in the middle of their presentation. Mrs. Cassidy's class invites the world into their classroom to help them learn. There are all manner of interesting things in this classroom.....the really cool thing is that you can stop in and say Hi to Mrs. Cassidy and her class of six year olds (without driving to Moose Jaw). Mrs Cassidy uses a walkie talkie tool called Yackpack on her blog that allows you to connect live to speak with her class.
What Mrs. Cassidy is doing is a clear demonstration of the power we have to connect and share learning on a global scale.
....Another great illustration of The Schools We Need

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