Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are YOU a procrastinator?

....It's been a while. There are so many different sites and tools out there that we check out and then move on to other solutions. I was looking around for old accounts I may have created on YouTube and I bumped into something that still seems relevant! A few years ago I was experimenting with a 30 second video commercial for the edcentre, and here it is. I think it's time to challenge the CPT students to put something together. I have been PROCRASTINATING on this a little too long. Anyone is invited to pick up the challenge. - Post a 30 second video announcement for the edcentre. We'll find a big, big prize to give away if we get more than 5 submissions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

heyyy..i am also a procastinator..but watching the video ..and thinking of what i could do to it..felt intruiged..What kinda prize are we talking about..And soo far how many have offered..?? I challenge others, other wise i have no further interest..its always funner when its done with other people..thats what i have to say..hopefully you teachers see this and feel obligated to intruige your students attention..thankx Stephanie