Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Journals

This is a sample from a math student's journal.

Hi there Kelly, thank you for the set up for question eight. I have been able to follow along and have the basic understanding for elimination. I will have my question faxed to you some time this week. If I do get stuck again, I will surely contact you for help. The video you sent was very helpful, because I am learning online without an instructor in front of me going through it step by step, I find the video very beneficial as a learning tool. I learn better when my teacher walks through the steps with me, it helps me better understand what I need to do for the lesson I am trying to learn. Thanks again Kelly, Sincerely yours, *****.

I appreciate this students reflection. As an Online Teacher I don't get to see the faces of my students very often. I miss the "I got it" look that a student will give when they finally understand a concept that was giving them trouble.

Thank you ***** for letting me know that you had that look.

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