Monday, November 22, 2010

Bibliotherapy (Book Therapy)

How to Set and Keep Personal Boundaries

Everyone can benefit from reading books especially books that help you to become a more self-confident, balanced, healthy person. The books below are great to read if you have trouble keeping the "bad" out of your life. Often people will just try to avoid others or build "walls" to protect themselves. This works for awhile but eventually we suffer because these walls also keep the "good" out. We want to be able to let as much "good" into our lives as possible. The answer: Learn how to set personal boundaries and let others know what they are clearly, respectfully, and assertively. Also healthy boundaries have clear consequences that must be enforced if others overstep them. The examples given in the books show how people who were manipulated, controlled, and abused at a young age have trouble setting and keeping boundaries as adults. The books also look at the different types of boundaries such as boundaries with parents, children, internet, food, drugs/alcohol, marriage, etc. It is helpful to read conversations in the books that show one person trying to keep focused on the boundary while the other person tries to manipulate, abuse, or control. I hope you read these smart straightforward common sense books or others like them. They will definitely help you to take "good" care of yourself.

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