Thursday, November 11, 2010

Edcentre goes South...end

On November 3, 2010 five Edcentre staff went on a site visit to Southend.

Picture (left to right):
Rita Lowenburg (Literacy)
Elizabeth Hill (Plato)
Jason Murfin (Math 20)
Kona Byson (Native Studies 20)

Behind the camera:
Nadia Persaud (GED)

We took a pit stop at the Churchill River. Some of us even braved walking on the bridge. As you could see, I didn't even make it off the shore...

And what is road trip without any car troubles. Here Kona and Jason answered the aged old question: How many instructors does it take to lock in a car seat?

Once at Southend, we were greeted with a handful of community members eager to learn about the Edcentre and all it has to offer. The afternoon was packed with presentations, prizes, and even a mini writing lesson was squeezed in for one of the lucky students.

We spent the rest of the afternoon meeting the community and setting up their learning centre with PLATO and other online tools.

As we left Southend, we were pleased that we were able to connect with some of our students (and for Kona, even sneak in a lesson or two). Our visit allowed students to finally put a face to the talking screen they hear in their lessons. But most importantly, by seeing all the educational courses and tools Edcentre has to offer, we hope our visit allowed them to realize that location is no longer a factor when wanting to purse ones education.

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