Wednesday, April 20, 2011 LiveTalk! .....from the bush

The staff at go to amazing lengths to make things happen. Three members of the staff, Kelly, Ted, and Jason, set out an a perilous journey to hunt down the elusive Easter Bunny. We were told, via the RCMP, that he would be in the vicinity sometime during the afternoon hours of April 20, after a lengthy hide-out with Rudolph "The Red Nosed" Reindeer.

We entered the forest at approximately 1:30 pm and proceeded cautiously to our objective. The destination was Muskrat Delight; a secluded area along the Montreal River that was perfect for an ambush. After encountering dangerous Pelicans(one almost looked at us!) and the extremely unpredictable squirrel, we finally were able to locate the objective and set up for the broadcast.

The location looked promising; there was Easter Bunny droppings all over the place. We quickly set up a perimeter and connected with the staff and students in the assembly room, all of whom were safe and sound at their computer screens. While a good discussion on Geo-caching was happening, Kelly and Jason maintained a vigilant watch for any surprise attacks.

The broadcast ended and we quickly packed up and made our way to the safety of edcentre. Then it find out more click here. 

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