Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Article on Positve Northern News written by Martina Carriere

In Cumberland House the stories in the news are usually negative. Instead of reporting the positive stories, you always hear of the murder and violence that goes on in the town, which over rules that Cumberland House does have positive things happening. Therefore, I would like to report a positive story from Cumberland House that wasn’t in the news.

Renee Carriere, a teacher at the Charlebois Community School, in Cumberland House came up with an idea from the CBC television show Community on a diet that our community should try getting active together. Each week the group of people, all members of the community came together to do a weigh in. They had six weeks to lose 200lbs collectively. Each week at the weigh in they would do a workout or walk together to help motivate each other and then get weighed in to see how much the group lost. By having that extra support of other people from the community there together it helped everyone stay positive and lose weight.

As the weeks went by the pounds came off. Not only were the people out walking in their community together, but some also made lifestyle changes. One man in the group lost 13lbs in total because he cut down on his coffee intake, which was at a un-healthy level and he worked out. This community came together to help each other become healthier and continue on even after the six weeks are up. At the end of the six weeks the group lost their goal weight of 200lbs and were rewarded with three new elliptical trainers, which are being kept at the school easy access to any member of the community.

With all the positivity the people gained from this experience the community wants to try it again and are starting up again with a new weigh in in May!

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SKing said...

Great story! Congratulations Cumberland House for taking steps to improve your collective health! Hope you keep us up to date with your progress. You might want to visit http://longsunrun.wordpress.com/ to see a strategy La Loche is using to promote physical fitness.

Good luck to you all!