Friday, January 23, 2009

Two students travel to Ottawa!

Evan Stryde and Mitchell Woodhouse-Mckenzie will be in Ottawa next week to participate in Encounters With Canada, an exciting program with other youth from across Canada. Evan and Mitchell are completing the online grade 10 English course while attending regular grade nine classes at Churhill Community High School. We hope to see some pictures and hear about their experience when they return. We wish them both a safe and interesting journey.

Encounters with Canada, at a glance:

• Encounters with Canada is an educational program, complete with housing, situated at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre in Canada’s capital;
• The program hosts 3,000 high school students, ages 14 to 17 from across the country every year;
• Encounters with Canada is a one-week program about citizenship awareness and leadership skills;

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Kelly Haydukewich said...

I went to Encounters With Canada almost 20 years ago. I even met someone from La Ronge while I was there. It was a great learning experience for a small town boy from Saskatchewan!