Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Little Bug

The school server was unavailable Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning (February12,13). We were very happy when learners called the school to find out what was happening. If you were one of the people who called to report the problem, congratulations! You are one of the people who are programmed for success.

Fortunately the problem was a "little" bug in the classroom management program. Unfortunately little bugs are often hard to find.

Thanks to Roland Corrigal, our technical support person at Northern Lights School Division everything is back to normal. Roland tracked down the bug and has "exterminated" it.

Everyone should be able to log on, post to forums, respond to activities, check grades, and all of the other things you regularly do in the online learning community.

We hope that this didn't cause too many upheavals for learners at the online school.

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