Thursday, February 14, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Day

Did you know that it is teacher appreciation day today and we are all being treated to lunch at Northern Light office? Every year our employer gives teachers a little something just to say thanks - I wonder what they are giving us this year?


Debbie said...

Good timing for this years appreciation gift - which is a fleece blanket. Good for putting in your vehicle when travelling in the winter time.
Speaking of winter travel: While we always hope to make it to our destination safely and without incident there are basic items that should be in our vehicles in case of emergency. A small box is all you need to put survival items in - candles or canned heat, first aid kit, matches/lighter, snack food, blanket, shovel, flares are some things that are recommended.
Another thing to have in your vehicle is a book or deck of cards, this gives you something to do or think about when you are stranded to make the time go by faster.
Do you have any good tips on items to put in a vehicle survival kit?

Ed Centre said...

Sometimes it is good to have a sandbag to help you get out of the ditch. Also having a little bit of fire starter is a good thing.