Thursday, September 18, 2008

Down the road....

Leaving the office and our computer workstations is difficult to do at the outset of the school year with new students just getting settled and oriented. There are situations that call for desperate measures and that's exactly what Debbie and Ted did. They traveled to Prince Albert to speak with the principals from the Northern Lights School Division about the online services available through

As it turns out this was a good thing to do. The principals got to see what distance learning looks like and were able to talk with online teachers and one of the online students in a live web conference. One of the other benefits for both Deb and Ted is that it was a beautiful day for a drive. Using the web conference tool with an LCD projector and audio system with a wireless mic allows everyone in an access point to interact. We expect to be doing more of this throughout the year. Stay tuned.......there will be opportunities to join in through this blog area. We'll post access links to public sessions.

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