Monday, September 8, 2008

I need a blueberry INTERVENTION!

Hi Everyone,
I seriously need some help and advice. The other day I was in a blueberry nightmare as there was a sea of huge blueberries and I had no more room in my pail and it was getting dark and I couldn't leave. I am obsessed with picking blueberries as the frost is coming and once they freeze you can't pick them! By the way does anybody know where there is a good patch of cranberries? You can pick those even if they freeze. Some people pick them in the Spring as they stay frozen on the plant all winter....

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Anonymous said...

How about those sandflies? I'm obsessed with picking them....out of my teeth, eyes and nostrils. That's enough intervention for me. The past few days have been bug net days getting firewood. I imagine it they have been a similar annoyance to blueberry pickers.