Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How many passes do you see?

Here is an interesting experiment.

Watch the video below and observe how many passes the students in the white shirts make. Record your answer in the comment to this post. Be sure to include your name and gender.


Kelly Haydukewich said...

I seen between 10 and 20 passes. Be specific with your answer.
Kelly Haydukewich (M)

Debbie said...

Well it is pretty difficult to catch them all. I got 12, but I am sure there are more.
Name: Debbie

There must be a trick on how to count. I think they follow a pattern in their movements and thus their passes - so I have to watch one more time.

Kona Bryson said...

I counted 14. Kona

Sally said...

Kelly, I counted each pass by advancing the play head frame by frame. I count 16 passes. There were 2 points where the ball was dribbled and held by a player and then passed in the rotation. I used a diagram to track the position of each player in white t-shirts. The balls are different shades of orange brown, so it was easy enough to verify that the balls were not exchanged between teams.

Ted Green said...

Hmmm....I used a system similar to sally to track passes and position. I counted 16 as well.

Sally said...

I recorded each movement for each frame.--I made a diagram for position of players and the ball frame by frame. There are 16 passes. There are two instances where a player dribbles the ball or keeps it and turns during the rotation.