Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being consistent

Yesterday was my day to post something to this blog.
I am kicking myself for missing the opportunity, because on the way to the office I was mulling over in my head what I wanted to write about. Then along came the phone calls and the early morning distractions and the time to write for the blog disappeared. All of a sudden my sense of dependability was out the window. I feel as though I let myself and everyone else down because I made a commitment that I didn't follow through on.
Often if we don't plan to do something it will not get done. Random events occur and eventually the thought about doing what we intended to do has been pushed beneath the rest of our daily activity. Personal time management and organization are critical to completing what we set out to do in life. Debbie's post about setting smart goals is a good example of where to start in planning our lives. There is the big picture with larger objectives, and then there is the daily -I need to get these things done- picture.
If the daily list of -I need to get things done- is unrealistic or unmanageable, we need to adjust and rearrange the list. Developing regular habits that are not interrupted by events around us help to ensure that the essential things that lead to success are happening.
I want to feel successful. I want to be consistent. I want good things to happen. This all means organizing, planning, and following through.

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