Friday, January 8, 2010

The Time For Self Improvement

By now everyone has made that New Year's resolution. My quess is that it is already broken as what happens for most of us. I believe that the start of a new year and thinking about a resolution gives us time to reflect on where we are at and think a bit about what we want in the new year.
So really what we are doing is "goal setting". Everyone needs a goal to work towards and the new year offers us the opportunity to set a goal to achieve. For some it may be quitting smoking or losing weight, exercising more (These are the most common resolutions). While we have good intentions, why do so many not keep their resolutions. Could it be that there is no plan and therefore no real commitment. A person needs both of these to reach a goal. So try creating a smart goal:
Learn how to set SMART goals: Lots of website just type in SMART goals
Try this one for a start: Selfmade Miracle

So try that New Year's resolution again - this time make a plan. Good luck.

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